AccuTax Solutions presents the Appraisal Assistant!

 Imagine if ….

You could determine a property’s market value in less than a minute!

• You could determine a property’s fair and equitable appraised value in less than a minute!

• You could view information about a property that your Central Appraisal District has available for appraisal analysis but is unavailable on their web site or public terminals.

• You could view Appraisal Review Board hearing schedules and every protest status for the year.

• You could view Improvement history on a property to reveal class, grade, depreciation and square foot changes.

• You could view the comparable sales the CAD has graded as invalid or valid.

• You could generate a spreadsheet of all comparable properties in the same market segment and with the same property use as your subject.

• You could view the property details that were appraised by the CAD as an override of the mass appraisal valuation system as a flat value.

• You could view a list of properties where the CAD has boosted their appraised value over others in their market segment using a factor that is not posted on their appraisal cards.

• You could develop a marketing mailing list of owners of property you have predetermined as over-appraised.

Well, you no longer have to just imagine.  Appraisal Assistant provides all of this and more.  Click here for more information about this great product for Texas Property Tax Consultants, Real Estate Professionals, and Fee Appraisers.